Champagne for My Real Friends

“Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends.” Tom Waits

As I prepare my material for “All About Bubbles: Champagne & More” wine class I will teach on Monday December 13th at Savvy Cellar, I started to reflect on why I love Champagne and Sparkling Wine so much.


Part of my love is based on how Champagne embodies celebration; although I love also how it brings pizzaz to mundane days of the week and simple foods.  My husband and I are known to have snuck a bottle of bubbles into a movie theater or two.  Popcorn & bubbles anyone?


Part of my love is based in the richness of history and tradition of Champagne – dating back centuries.


Part of my love is for the winemakers who are artists, creatively challenged to make the right “blend” from as many as 30 to 60 different still wines.


Part of my love is for Dom Pérignon (the 17th Century Benedictine Monk), who was attempting to actually remove the bubbles from Champagne!


Part of my love is for the (approximately) 56 million bubbles contained in a bottle of Champagne (once opened).


Finally, whether it be Cava, Crémant, Franciacorta, Prosecco, Sekt, Sparkling Wine or Champagne itself, it looks so incredibly beautiful and is plain fun to sip!


Come celebrate our love for bubbles and discover some new favorites in a special Sunday tasting “Bubbles for New Year”, Sunday December 26th, 2-5pm at Savvy Cellar Wines in Mountain View, CA.
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