New iPad App Launched | Know the Savvy Sommelier

Late last year my husband and Savvy Cellar co-owner was approached by the Innovations Games Company.  They wanted to build a working prototype of what they envisioned as a “white-label, celebrity contest app” based on what they had learned from their Knowsy Knows iPad app.  Problem was they didn’t know any celebrities.  So they asked if I was interested in lending my persona and expertise.

My initial reaction was “whoa!”  But it did sound interesting and could be a fun usage of new technology that might appeal to current and prospective tech-savvy customers.  And, I was skeptical that the team could devote enough of the time required to build anything useful.

Well the app got built and launched in the Apple app store last week.  You can read more about the app from the product manager’s blog post here.  Early indications based on app downloads and contest submissions are that this could be a useful complement to other marketing activities and could serve to deepen a select number of customer relationships we already have and develop some new ones.

At a minimum “Know the Savvy Sommelier” is a way to learn more about wine, food and travel – some of the funnest things in life!  Be sure to check out the app by downloading for free onto your iPad!

Here’s my video introduction of the app:

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