New Year, New Wines, and a renewed focus on Wine Blogging!

Greetings Everyone, and Happy New Year! Yes, we know it’s the 19th, but late is always better than never, right?

We are proud to announce that the Savvy Cellar Wine Bar in Mountain View has been re-converted from an animal shelter back into the wine bar you all know and love! The cats and dogs were barking and meowing nonstop, and our Sommeliers couldn’t take it anymore. We sent the whole lot off for adoption, and we’re happy to report that the shop is now stocked with bottles and bottles of good wine – not kennels and catnip!

Whether you’re looking for a crisp, aromatic white or a full bodied red, we’ve got you covered! Heck, we’ve even got full bodied whites and light reds! No matter what you’re in the mood for – there’s never been a better time to stop by the cellar and have a glass!

Be on the lookout for plenty of new content over the next few weeks! We’ve got a dedicated blogger on-the-job (Hey, that’s me!), and we’re excited to share interesting tidbits from the world of wine with you all!


About @smokejumper

Brent Harrison (@smokejumper) is President & Founder of SmokeJumper Strategy, a Silicon Valley-based marketing and product innovation consulting firm. He is a former executive at Apple, AOL and Netscape; an ex-real live Smokejumper; and guest blogger at The Savvy Sommelier.
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