Wines for the 4th of July

As I get prepped for the 4th of July weekend my mind shifts to what to bring to the Independence Day pool party we are attending.  As the “Savvy Sommelier” the expectation is that I will bring something interesting, appropriate for the occasion and yummy (of course).  Pressure is on.  What would Washington (or more appropriately Jefferson) do?

Well my first thought is that of symbolism.  The 4th is all about celebration marked by fireworks and explosions.  So, why not Sparkling Wine?  It too is a emblematic of great and very special celebrations, despite my push for it to be an everyday wine!  And its opening can be quite festive and explosive!  Be patriotic and buy an American Sparkling Wine.

Next my mind wanders to that of color, weather and food.  Rosé is the prettiest shade of red (as in red, white and blue) going.  It is best served very chilled – perfect for a scorching hot day.  And it goes great with most BBQ foods.  Our 4th will definitely feature a dry Rosé.  Despite the French lineage on the most American of holidays (heck, we are all immigrants anyway), looks like I’ll be serving Domaine de Noiré Chinon Rosé.

Continuing on with the food (BBQ) and patriotic theme, I must pay homage to that of the most notable and possibly indigenous to the USA grape . . . Zinfandel.   I can’t wait to pop the cork on the Rosenblum Cellars Vintners Cuvée Zinfandel.  BBQ, 4th of July and drinking a California Zinfandel.  What could be more patriotic?

Finally I landed a special treat for our hosts – a rare white port.  Quinta Do Infantado is a dry white port which will be a killer dessert treat, served over ice.

If you are looking for ideas for wines for the 4th of July, stop by Savvy Cellar in Mountain View on Sunday July 3rd 2-5pm where we’ll be tasting and selling bottles of Independence Day worthy wines.

The wines I recommended above are fantastic clues for this week’s contest “Wines for the 4th of July” on “Know the Savvy Sommelier” iPad app.  Play and you could win 50% off your next glass of wine made in the USA at Savvy Cellar Wine Bar & Wine Shop.

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